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Head on over to the Virtual Schooling blog today; I’ve written a guest post about Accelerated Christian Education, which summarises all the research into it so far and what the academic community has had to say on the subject.

About jonnyscaramanga

I grew up as a Christian fundamentalist in the UK. Now I am writing a book and blog about what that's like, and what fundamentalists believe.

Posted on May 29, 2012, in Accelerated Christian Education. Bookmark the permalink. 7 Comments.

  1. Well done…excellent job of laying out why ACE is lacking. I hope parents researching ACE will get hold of your reviews.

  2. Treating the Bible as literal and using it as a text to teach young people, about anything but especially science, is absurd and criminal. I’d like fundamentalist Christians to consider the following, if the Bible is literal and not allegory, then it follows that the Garden of Eden must have been in Africa. Why? Because we know that the first humans came out of Africa. Hence, as in Genesis, the Garden of Eden must have been in Africa. And that means that Adam and Eve…were African. Not middle eastern.

    And I don’t understand why it is that a god that made the entire planet and everything in it, on it, who could go anywhere and everywhere simultaneously, the entirety of the biblical experience takes place in a narrow swath of the planet?

    Just wondering, musing, posing some questions.

    • Very good point. Of course, Creationists don’t accept the fossil evidence that humans came out of Africa. You can’t talk to some people.

      • It’s hard to, if not downright impossible, to have a rational discussion with irrational people. They believe in angels with wings and the devil, and god the great magician in the sky. Faith trumps fact every time. I’m surprised they don’t also believe in Dorothy’s magic red shoes. But I digress.

  3. It is a good thing that you have this marvellous website on the go, to be perfectly honest with you, if this had been written at least 10 years ago, I would NEVER have spent so much money on a white elephant of an education and put my children let alone myself through such a mind bending ordeal with such a severely warped organization. I can only hope that your wisdom reaches out further and saves denizens of families from walking into the very devil’s den!!!

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