Well, that sure told me

I know I’ve done a few posts based on comments I’ve received lately, but the standard of insight has been nothing short of trenchant.

Here are some of the faithful who have stopped by to show me the error of my ways.


“sounds to me like you are just bitter against the truth. Evolutions is disproven everyday but you are so “educated” you can’t see that”


“This “small” pack of “Ace” haters on here do not come close to the number of Ace Users and they never will! Keep yapping back and fourth it still will not change the fact that millions use this curriculum! Go ACE!!!!”

Superb use of punctuation there, Missy.

More critical engagement after the jump!

Via YouTube, here’s “Austin Pruss”

“I am praying for all of you because obviously you did not learn from the ACE curriculum and Satan has gotten ahold of your hearts and has deceived you. I have been in an ACE school for almost 9 years and I couldnt imagine ever going to a public school because of the twisted version of history they have. I know all of you probably don’t like what I am saying but I don’t care. Have a nice life and God bless!”

The “twisted version of history.” Says the man in the education system which teaches that the Spanish Armada was defeated because God didn’t want the Catholics to win.

Next, “Perez”

“I Think you have a problem something must have happened while you were in ACE. I am a Grade 10 student in Kenya and I don’t mind it. You should blame your parents for taking you there not the curriculum for going to a specific school is a choice. To make it worse you are an atheist so you can complain forever but God,Christianity, Salvation and ACE will always be there. So get over it!!!!”

Finally from the anti-brigade, here’s “Jemma”. She’s a touch more verbose than the others, but stay with it because she gets better as she goes on. I’ve put my favourite part in bold.

“I actually really enjoyed my time at an ACE school.

Thoroughout my schooling I spent time at both a ‘normal school’ and at two different ACE school. If anything I felt like I learned more at the ACE school due to the 80% pass rate. In a normal school if you didn’t understand what you had learned and failed a test you just kept moving along with everyone else however in ACE I had to actually know the subject before moving on.

I would never have referred to my office as “rather like a modern version of a monk’s cell in a medieval monastery”. That statement is rediculous. [Note: It was OFSTED's official guidance on ACE schools that made this comparison, not me – Jonny]

You make it sound as if there is no interraction with other students but we still had seperate classes such as drama, arts, sports etc. and where we had to perform group activities.

There were definately some things that could be improved on but I believe this is the same with every education systym. Non are perfect.

And at no time did I have any political opinions forced on me.

As for the religious aspect. Well, it is really aimed at Christian families so if you don’t believe in God why would you send your kids to a Christian school? But then in normal school that force the evolution concept. So really thats exactly the same.

Sounds like you just had a bad experience. I’m sure, as with all schools, there are some bad ACE schools out there just like there are some bad normal schools out there.

My experience was a good one and I wouldn’t change it for anything.”

Not everyone who comments on my blog is one of the Elect. Troublingly, I’ve also received comments from people who have clearly departed from God’s One True Way. For balance, here are some thoughts from one of those heathens.


“I went to two different ACE schools, plus for a couple years I was homeschooled, my mom used ACE curriculum. I am not surprised by any of the stories I have seen here, sadly. My main problem that plagued me was it didn’t really provide a well rounded education. In Jr. and HS, the only literature read was Christian. I read Elizabeth Elliot (great stories) and the likes, but when my mom allowed me to go to public school in 11th grade, my Engligh Class was very challenging (not grammar–ACE does well getting you to diagram senteces), I didn’t even know who Edgar Allan Poe was. The Math was about a year behind for which I was a year behind. How can you really do science when you read about science, but don’t have hands-on-access? I now homeschool my children and I would never use ACE because although it would be easier on me, it doesn’t really prepare kids for the future and real life? Even the characters in the cartoons, they are all goodie two shoes except the couple kids who don’t go to ACE school. What does that teach? That ACE kids are good and all other kids are bad. I knew quite a few trouble makers at my ACE school and quite a few goody-two-shoe kids that went to public schools. Anyway, that’s just my rant. Also, I always had a PACE average of 97-98% and I did nothing. My last two years of public school where I studied my butt off, I was only in the B+ range. Public School was what prepared me for college. It really was my saving grace in my education.”

Thanks to all my commenters. I love (almost) all of you. Especially to those who support ACE. Really. You’re a credit to your institutions.

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About Jonny Scaramanga

I grew up as a Christian fundamentalist in the UK. Now I am writing a book and blog about what that's like, and what fundamentalists believe.

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  1. Yeah! Don’t you just hate it when complete idiots state that normal people are too educated to believe the crap like evolution has been disproven. Funny how they cannot show examples of where it has been disproven, nor even highlight real genuine current scientists that have been verified as disproving evolution. Because no verified examples nor such scientist(s) exist. Most normally educated (not even highly educated) individuals in public schools around the world know full well that Evolution is full of Facts, with the “Theory of Evolution” also existing to explain these Facts of Evolution.

    Aye M8! :D

  2. Jemma’s comments about Christian families highlights what the “Freedom From Religion Foudation” has in their sites about stopping inherited religious beliefs. Christian families shouldn’t be allowed to push their children into indoctrination into their own belief system. Christian, Muslim or Jewish parents should be charged with child abuse if they try to indoctrinate their children’s minds, because religion is based on irrational fear, and to instill such fear into a child is child abuse. It should be banned, which means also that religious based primary schools should be close, since they cannot indoctrinate children until they reach a consenting age, as it is the children that should decide if they want a religious based education in their mid teens. Until then they should all only receive a General. Secular, Life Education or General Philosophy Education, which covers good and bad aspects of all religious beliefs and alternative world-views, such as Atheism.

  3. Ashley Haworth-Roberts

    Young Earth creationist Christiand tend to be rather arrogant (in print at least). See some of the comments underneath this farrago of pseudo-scientific lies: http://creation.com/ice-core-clamour
    The unscientific, dogmatic, combative YECs think that they and their leaders are entitled to make up their own facts (and reject other facts) – even though their claimed ‘facts’ often aren’t even in the Bible! If other people won’t accept their so-called facts they are accused of ‘suppressing the truth’ or being ‘hard-hearted’ (or if they are Christians they are derided as ‘compromisers’).
    You can’t really debate with such a mindset. It is simply irrational, and utterly dogmatic.

    • You don’t have to tell me – I used to be one!

      • Ashley Haworth-Roberts

        I used to be an evangelical Christian – but I would never have called someone hard-hearted or anti-Christian if they refused to accept that there was an ice age just after Noah’s Flood ie less than 5,000 years ago.
        I see Ken Ham and his family (see the latest Ham blog) are attacking other museums for daring to suggest that some dinosaurs may have possessed feathers. It’s calling God a liar! If you read the ‘Young Earth Creationist’ version of the book of Genesis that is.

      • I Ken Ham is attacking other museums because they suggest dinos have feathers, then he is most likely doing it for publicity for his own museum of lies, I don’t think Ken Ham seriously believes much of his own rot, it makes a lot of money for him and gives him an easy life, same for many ex scientists who adopt creationism for easy money in publishing lies. Propaganda is more profitable than real research and information. If Ken Ham actually believes in his rot, then he is truly without any logic functions within his brain. Though I think he is quite clever and much of his statements are extremely surreptitious, coniving propaganda for his own profitability.

      • I haven’t watched Ken Ham closely, but I’m pretty confident he believes his own spiel. I think you’re underestimating how powerful the totalist thinking of fundamentalism is.

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