I was wrong

After so long attacking Creationism, it’s troubling to have to admit that I’ve been wrong.

Jesus appeared to me in a dream last night, riding a Triceratops, and warned me that I was leading people astray.

I woke up sweating, and did some research. I’ve found some irrefutable evidence from Creationist sources.

dinosaurs with humans

So I have been wrong. And in the future, I will be blogging about Creationism. I only hope I can undo some of the damage.

Just think on this: If the world is billions of years old, why is it only 2013?

About jonnyscaramanga

I grew up as a Christian fundamentalist in the UK. Now I am writing a book and blog about what that's like, and what fundamentalists believe.

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  1. Yes, you have convinced me. I see the error of my ways, now, thank you Jonny. See you at the alter!

  2. I think that photograph *might* have been photoshopped… the shadow’s are all wrong.

  3. Is that one guy in the picture wearing Levi’s? LOL.

    I went to an ACE school for a short while. It became ACE in 7th grade. I spent k- 7.5 in fundie schools. 1/2 way through 7th grade I was expelled for “subversive ideas”. YAY! I was freed and went to public school through 12th.

  4. Sit back and wait for the xtain sites to link to your April Fool as “proof” of your conversion. It’ll be quoted and misappropriated for years….!

  5. The strangest thing! I had the very same dream. Now I, too, realize how very lead astray I’ve been.

  6. They’re wearing slacks! B’wahahaaaa!

  7. loved it!

  8. Jonny, thanks for showing me the way; how could I have been so wrong? The picture proves everything. And all these years and I understood nothing! (P.S. Can I send you 10% of my income?)

  9. It looks like the guy in the blue jeans has a compound leg fracture. Might need some physical therapy.

    • Physical therapy… Or a good round of prayer, the laying on of hands and the love of the little baby jesus ….

  10. Can I just ask whether it was a human or a dinosaur that took the photograph???

  11. ashley haworth-roberts

    It’s April 1st everyone.

  12. Your picture also proves that the age of milling steel came much earlier than previously believed. Notice, you have woven baskets,what appears to be a sword, and an ancient form of denim and leather shoes…all in the time of the mighty dinosaurs!

    I am so glad you have brought this to the fore…I’m sure historians will be scrambling to edit their histories to incorporate this new found discovery….

  13. thats a good one. U had me going for a second

  14. A.C.E. also says dinosaurs still exist. did you get that in your dream, too?

  15. Nice one! You had me going there. I pulled some April Fools Day Pranks myself.

  16. ashley haworth-roberts
  17. Can I just say that this post was very upsetting, as it was mocking the Word of God. Are you claiming to know more than God? Do you believe in Evolution, which has even less proof than Creationism? ACE may have all it’s issues, but maybe you should take the log out of your eye. I will too.

    • I wasn’t mocking the Word of God. If you look at the literary genre of Genesis, as compared with contemporary ancient writings, many scholars agree it isn’t intended to be taken literally. Talking snakes are typically indicators of allegory.

      I don’t think the Bible is the Word of God, but I was careful not to make this post offensive to the Christians who follow the blog.

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