Accelerated Christian Education launches new science video series

Here is the first in a series of science documentaries being launched by Accelerated Christian Education.

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  1. I’m seriously confused. The “Family Ness”?

  2. Actually ROFLing here 😀

    Deb: ACE teach that ‘Nessie’ is a plesiosaur, thus proving that humans and dinosaurs lived contemporaneously…

  3. I’m pretty sure residual affection for the Family Ness was a major reason I was keen to embrace Creationism as a teenager.

  4. I was mislead by the headline. And not thinking any absurdity is beyond these people … I don’t think you should run the risk of self-Poe.

  5. OMG you crack me up!

    Love the Family Ness, I’ve had half the office singing along to the theme tune.

  6. Bit after my time, that. My generation had Noah and Nelly. And I’d love to see ’em work those animals into their time-line…

  7. Of course humans and dinosaurs lived together, the Flintstones had Dino. :-D~

  8. You made me laugh thanks. But on a more serious note, they are also approving the fact that apartheid was good for south africa? Are the education board a bunch of racist idiots?
    Where will the schooling system end up with faith based education allowed to propogate is what really scares me.

    • Well, the most obvious endorsements of apartheid have been removed from the curriculum, so what remains is a kind of equivocal condemnation of apartheid. Certainly ACE isn’t great, but I don’t know if you can call it outright racist. Overtly, ACE endorses integration and racial equality. There are some statements in the curriculum which I would argue treat non-white races as inferior, though.

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