Christian educators suffering from amnesia

There seems to be a bit of a disparity between the facts and what some ACE teachers say. In this, my triumphant return to vlogging, I talk about Brenda Lewis, who seems incapable of getting her facts right when she talks in public.

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I grew up as a Christian fundamentalist in the UK. Now I am writing a book and blog about what that's like, and what fundamentalists believe.

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  1. I can understand that some people have trouble with accepting evolution. But I can’t get into that people still take the Loch Ness Monster seriously despite all evidence suggesting that it cannot exists (e.g. the lack of food to sustain such being).

  2. Brought to you by modern conservatism.

    This idiocy is being exported globally by the American Religious Right… (the far, far away right to be exact):

    As it happens, dumbing down future generations in the West is a global endeavor… so do be aware of what your conservatives are importing:

    You might also like to study up on the notion of “Biblical Capitalism” enbraced by our religious right “Tea Party” legislators as you’ll soon be hearing the same on the economic front in Europe:

  3. I just watched one of the video blogs for the first time. Very well presented and well argued. It prompted me to look at a couple of other videos and I came across the one of a great young lad (about nine or ten I would guess) talking about hos wonderful it was to “pray in tongues.”

    This poor kid is obviously highly articulate and intelligent – even if he is reading a well rehearsed script with some off-screen prompting (see the eyes constantly checking something to the left of the camera). It is heartbreaking to see a bright young lad like this so immersed in the crap that he’s been fed all his life that he can spout this drivel so fluently at such a young age. The waste of talent and potential and the stunting and corrupting of the critical faculties involved in this vile indoctrination is sickening. if a kid like this grows up believing that it is reasonable and logical and sane to gibber and make noises that no one understands (including himself) justl to amuse and please some deity who he’s told is making his life wonderful then this is child abuse. The line about God being “great”… his “Daddy” is creepy and leaves a nasty taste in the mouth.

    Anyway – the demolition of the forgetful (why be so diplomatic – ‘mendacious’ is the proper word to use) Ms. Lewis is effective and pretty comprehensive. Sadly the people who send their kids to her awful school are unlikely to be swayed because they are not amenable to reasoned argument. However, the bodies who regulate education and who award recognition for the ludicrous so-called “qualifications” offered by these “schools” should take more notice.

  4. matthewpocock

    I was struck by how unfamiliar she apparently was and had remained with her own curriculum.

  5. Jonny, keep up the good work. I’m sure that it’s been an uphill battle for you. Being raised in Catholicism did enough of a number on me, but at least I had a public school education in the US. (I know that public school means something different across the pond.) I didn’t go to the best schools, but they were decent enough. No child should be left uneducated or under-educated just because they are born to a certain set of parents by chance. This curriculum should not be used anywhere, period.

  6. Not to feed the trolls, but your last comment about natural sciences is either ignorant or dishonest. Natural Science: A branch of science which deals with the physical world, e.g. physics, chemistry, geology, biology. While Oxford do not have a degree in “Natural Sciences” they do offer degrees in areas which come under that description. Either you were unaware of this, in which case you should have attended an ACE school for longer than two years, or you are aware of this and are making a slanderous insinuation of dishonesty by distorting what was said to make the vlog interesting. I suggest you cut that part.

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