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Podcast tonight

Hey everyone – a few things.

First of all, I’m appearing on the Skeptic Canary podcast tonight (7pm GMT; Americans, that’s 2pm EST). You can watch live or download later. If you have questions you’d like me to answer, tweet them to the show’s host, Tom Williamson or email him.

Second, I’ve added another talk to the diary, this time in Brighton on 14th January. I’ll stick the details on the talks page when I have them.

Last of all, I am trying to change the perception (in some quarters) that my opposition to fundamentalist schools is a campaign against Christianity. I am looking to give my talk, “Inside Britain’s Creationist Schools” to Christian groups. If you know any who might be open to having a filthy backslider like me walk among them, please get in touch.

As a first step towards this dialogue with Christians, blog regular Lotharson has written a post about ACE and fundamentalist homeschooling from a Christian perspective. I think many Christians recognise the harm of fundamentalism, and I hope to enlist their help in speaking out against it. There are some people who simply won’t listen to me, but who will listen to progressive Christians. Thanks Lotharson for writing the post; please check it out and join the discussion.