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ACE teacher jailed for sex attacks (UK)

From Fleetwood Today, 19/6/2010:

A TEACHER who molested a teenage girl more than 25 years ago has been put behind bars.

Graham Wilcock subjected his victim to numerous sexual assaults while he was a 25-year-old teaching assistant at Emmanuel Christian School in Fleetwood.

He would later become deputy head teacher in charge of the senior school.

The attacks spanned two years in the 1980s from when the girl was 13 to 15 years old.

His victim kept the assaults secret until the 1990s when there was an inquiry into his actions and he was sacked from the school but not barred from teaching.

Last year the woman – now in her 30s – contacted police after seeing a picture of her attacker and deciding she wanted the offences brought into the open.The 50-year-old was doing charity work in Romania when he was informed detectives wanted to speak to him regarding the abuse but returned to the UK to admit his guilt.

The school was the first in the UK to use Accelerated Christian Education (ACE), a method aimed at re-introducing Christian standards into the classroom.

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ACE and the suppression of women: Lana’s story

It won’t surprise you to learn that Accelerated Christian Education is patriarchal and sexist. It’s not a secret that fundamentalism and the women’s movement aren’t pals. But this was something I barely noticed as an ACE student. I was so steeped in the culture that it didn’t seem strange to me to depict women as subservient to men. So I asked Lana, of Wide Open Ground to explain what it was like for her. Lana has some great and insightful posts about patriarchy in fundamentalism.
Before we get to Lana’s post, just check out this example of what I mean. It’s from the third edition of Social Studies 1042. It’s now replaced, and I haven’t seen the new edition, but it’s typical of ACE – just a random story about a woman’s place in the home, apropos of nothing. The lesson is actually about George Mueller. They just put in the patriarchal reinforcement for kicks. 
Social Studies 1042
Here’s Lana.