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Five jobs a Creationist can’t do

This blog is littered with absurdities from Accelerated Christian Education, some of them involving mythical beasts or the denial of basic physics. But does it matter how old the world is? On a day-to-day basis, it doesn’t make much practical difference how long you think our planet has existed. Why not let Creationists teach whatever they want?

If there are grounds for regulating what gets taught in private schools, it must be because of substantive harm to students. I argue that ACE causes this kind of harm. It limits children’s future, because if they do what ACE says, huge areas of study are closed off to them. In fact, this post would be better (but less catchily) titled:

Five subjects a Creationist can’t study

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Fundamentalism: leading cause of atheism

I’m guest poster over at Heretic Husband today. It’s a blog I enjoy, so I’m pleased to be featured as guest poster. I hope you’ll go over there, read my article, and say hi. I should also give credit to Sensuous Curmudgeon, where I found the article that inspired my post.


The ICR (Institute of Creation Research)  is perplexed. Why would anyone leave Christianity? That’s the question raised by this article from the ICR, “Pastor Became Atheist. Why?” It’s about Teresa McBain, a former Methodist minister who left the church after two decades to become public relations director at American Atheists. From ICR’s article:

“She explained her reasons to the Christian Post, saying, ‘One [reason] was the contradictory nature of the Bible; the lack of scientific or historical foundation or accuracy, which took me a very, very long time to come to terms with.’

It makes sense to reject the God of the Bible if the Bible contained errors and lacked scientific or historical foundation. But it doesn’t. Analyzing and teaching the amazing ways that true science confirms Scripture is what motivates the ministry of ICR—evidence for the veracity of science and Scripture abounds.”

The ICR are on the thinnest possible ice here. It is exactly this kind of teaching that I was brought up with, and it virtually guarantees that its adherents will either wind up wilfully ignorant (and actively hostile to knowledge), or become atheists. It leaves you nowhere else to go.

Creationists have achieved what Stephen Law calls “The Vision Thing”. They’ve reached such a level of delusion that Creationism seems so self-evidently true that you’d have to be blind or an idiot not to see it. I remember gales of laughter at dinner tables with my Creationist friends as we giggled about scientists who thought humans were descended from monkeys.

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Book Review: Believing Bullshit by Stephen Law

I had to read this book because of the subtitle: How Not to Get Sucked into an Intellectual Black Hole. If ever there was an intellectual black hole, it’s my old belief in the Word of Faith.

Not all false beliefs are intellectual black holes. To qualify, a belief must be unreasonable. Reason is the mechanism that allows us to see falsehoods for what they are. If a belief stops people from using logical reasoning to examine it, then it is an intellectual black hole. How can you think against something which disables your powers of thinking?

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