Newsnight tonight

In one hour and twenty minutes from now, an episode of BBC Newsnight featuring me will go to air. It will talk about ACE schools in the UK, and it also has interviews with Professor Michael Reiss, and Paul Medlock from Maranatha Christian School. The film is by Anjana Ahuja.

(Disclaimer: The BBC will not be marketing the episode as ‘Newsnight featuring Jonny Scaramanga’).

Tune in from 10:30 on BBC2, UK viewers. Everyone else, I’ll try my best to get them to put it on the Newsnight YouTube channel afterwards.

If you are killing time until it goes to air, I heartily recommend that you read Paul Braterman’s blog on the subject:

Evolution is a lie says the school. Good curriculum, says England’s School Inspectorate

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I grew up as a Christian fundamentalist in the UK. Now I am writing a book and blog about what that's like, and what fundamentalists believe.

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  1. Interesting report and discussion. Now on iplayer (for a week I think):

  2. Paxman asking a creationist why creationism is being taught in certain private Christian schools in science classes rather than (only) in religion classes. How unfair.

    Paxman also asking the creationist – who is involved in drawing up ACE curricula – whether he believes the world was created in six days. How unfair.

  3. And Paul Medlock (Head of Maranatha) was asked whether the school would teach a flat Earth if the Bible (unambiguously) taught this. How unfair!

  4. How unfair that we’re asking them to justify their cock-eyed “literal” interpretation of the Bible. Persecution! Persecution!!

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