This blog has moved. Please update your subscriptions

Big news: This blog has moved to

The new URL is

The new RSS feed is

If you’re an email subscriber, you should be migrated over automatically.

There will be a redirect in place so that anyone visiting is automatically forwarded to the new site, but if you keep your RSS subscription set here, you won’t be seeing many blog posts.

This really just means that Leaving Fundamentalism will have a lot more readers, and I will be able to earn a small amount of money from the blog, but otherwise business will carry on as usual.


About jonnyscaramanga

I grew up as a Christian fundamentalist in the UK. Now I am writing a book and blog about what that's like, and what fundamentalists believe.

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  1. I’m glad you will be getting more readers and some money from the blog, you produce really good quality posts that deserve a wider audience.

    I will still be reading the blog, but will be unable to comment, or read the comments left by other people because they appear to be blocked by my work security software.

  2. That sucks. Patheos blogs don’t update into my wordpress feed. 😦

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